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Who We Are

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Almehwar Net for Technolgy & Communications.

Al-Mehwar has been at the forefront of providing telecommunication devices and services for more than a dacade.
With a leadership that has abundant knowledge in this field and the teams that work to provide seamless communication & security solutions to all our customers.

Al-Mehwar has a vision to stride forward with its experience and the ideology that communication is the key to all success.

Over the years Al-Mehwar has become an entity that operates like clock-work, while providing the best possible services and communication setups throughout the kingdom. The goal is not to be the largest in the kingdom, but to become a name that the clients trust with ease. The team that Al-Mehwar has developed is a great mix of technical and experienced individuals that are always in their top form. Teams like these take years of expertise and market knowledge to create, and Al-Mehwar is proud to have them both.

Our clients whom mostly involve government entities as well as giant corporations, are all clients that have received something more than just service and products from us, they have received a piece-of-mind through our top-quality of work and re-assurance. Year by year Al-Mehwar is expanding, currently we operate in almost every city or region in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We as an organization are proud to have a place in this market that was cultivated through years of honest work and we hope to achieve a spot in the hearts and minds of our clients as well.

VISION To provide our products and services with no compromise on quality as well as meet the
goals that are set for complete client satisfaction.

MISSION To be the name in communication services that is renowned for great performance.

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